Exhibition Views

Mänttä (FI) 2016
Seudun VIIVOJA - lines of landscape shows works from the 2009 started series »experiencing Landscape«, which deals with Finnish nature through the seasons as well as drawings of 2015 begun series »Constructed Space«, which specifically deals with the architecture of the city of Mänttä - and thereby revealing universal nature peculiarities. Interior decoration, building and environment are combined. An ongoing project with the idea to investigate the connections between forms and colours, as well as between the natural, architectural environment. Layered, textured drawings uninhabited and inhabited scenes.

Turku (FI) 2015
DISTANCE relates to space and time. Since winter 2009, I have spent several months as artist-in-residence in different regions of Finland where I started the drawing project »experiencing landscape«, which captures Finnish nature. To explore the seasons, I continued the project during artist-in-residence stays in the following years. Galleria Å showed works from 2009–2015.

Mänttä (FI) 2015
During my stay at Serlachius Residency Mänttä I set out to connect shapes and colours between natural, architectural surroundings and interior decoration in the city. The immediate result is a series of drawings named »Constructed Space«. This series deals with local sites, special places.To render the show more personal, I hung my drawings on the walls like a map – starting with a self portrait – so visitors would walk through Mänttä just as I experienced the place.